The Poised Professional, LLC is owned and operated by a two woman power house women — Erin Vaughn Jones and Mary Vaughn. Both educators and innovators in their own rights, these sisters saw a need for professional services in both the academic and professional community. What started out as researching, writing, and editing professional documents for themselves and their friends turned into a family business based on bringing “The Poised Professional” touch to the world. Keep reading for more information on this dynamic duo.

Dr. Erin Vaughn Jones is a higher education professional and businesswoman. She received her bachelor's degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi, her master's degree in college student personnel and administration from the University of Central Arkansas, and her Ph.D. in education leadership research and counseling from Louisiana State University and A and M College. Erin has had the opportunity to edit several research papers, dissertations, grant proposals, speeches, news articles, and other materials for print. Erin also serves on the editorial board for a peer reviewed research journal within Higher Education, works for a local university, and currently serves on a dissertation committee for a doctoral student.

Erin has had opportunities to recruit for graduate assistants as well as professionals looking to make a lasting impression on job interviews. She is interested in ensuring that resumes and cover letters are eye-catching, grammar free, and accurately depict relevant experiences; she has worked with many students and professionals to re-tailor resumes, cover letters, and has even provided quality career coaching with respect to the job search process.

Mary Vaughn received her bachelor's in English from the University of Southern Mississippi and her master's in curriculum and instruction from Louisiana State University and A and M College. She has taught high school English I, Reading, and Practical Writing skills. As she continued to develop her writing, she transitioned out of the classroom into business. She currently serves as the Corporate Training Administrator at Menzie’s Corporation.

Mary’s trained editorial skills have come from years of shaping her students into sharp writers, and her writing style was further developed through studying writing at Southern Methodist University and participating in the DFW writing community. As she navigates business and operational learning, she has consulted resumes for employees and created manuals and training materials. She has written winning proposals and specializes in crafting prose that engages an audience and educating professionals on decorum in business settings.