“I liked the fact that you provided critical feedback to assist me with developing my experiences into more tangible experiences through looking at word choices and formation of the actual resume! It’s nice to have feedback to assist with aiding me in marketing myself for future possibilities.” - Kyle W.

“Recently, I was searching for new job opportunities and I requested the assistance of The Poised Professional. My resume, cover letter, and business cards were reviewed. Before the assistance of the Posed Professional, I had submitted my resume and cover letter to several companies, but no reply. Finally, I submitted my updated resume to a job placement website and had 11 interviews scheduled within a week. I realized that I had the credentials, but the flow of the resume and cover letter were not catching the attention of hiring managers. Now, my resume, cover letter and business cards look awesome and I am so grateful for the help of Dr. Erin! I have been provided excellent service and will recommend the Poised Professional to my friends and family.” - Lavette M.

“The Poised Professional” allowed me to ensure that my papers were accurately sound and conveyed the message that I intended for my audience. I originally sought out assistance with proofreading and grammar but found the Poised Professional’s commentary highlighted where I needed to clarify my points to reduce confusion. She placed herself in the mindset of my intended audience and highlighted areas that need clarification. Overall, a great service and I plan on using the Poised Professional’s service again in the future.” - Rony D.

“Not feeling comfortable distributing my resume at an upcoming job placement event I connected with Erin through a networking group and asked that she look it over and make recommendations for improvement. Erin reviewed my resume and provided very fast and efficient feedback. Using the feedback she provided, I was able to reproduce a much more thorough, yet concise version of my resume that helped me to secure many more interviews once onsite at the placement event. Since the placement event, my resume has opened doors to many opportunities and the interview coaching I received has landed me a few on campus interviews, all of which I feel as though I successfully conquered. I am currently waiting to hear next steps. I truly thank Erin for all the service she has provided me, from resume review to interview coaching. I am now much more confident in seeking out opportunities and know that I WILL land the position that is just right for me!” - Brittany A.